Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab (2023) Everything You Need To Know!

The concept of “analysing the DNA” came into being in 1986 through a Forensic Lab. If you watch TV, you must have seen or heard of the forensic lab, where all physical and other evidence of a crime is investigated. Before forensic labs or techniques, the only way to identify criminals was through footprints.    

Since then, Forensic science & DNA testing has become highly technical, requiring extreme accuracy, thoroughness, and documentation.  


You must have heard the saying, “when two disciplines combine, only a forensic DNA laboratory & experienced forensic scientists or experts can pull off critical case studies or investigations.” Which asks for the quality of forensic DNA testing to withstand a rigorous review.   

And Sorenson Forensics Laboratory understands the significance of rigorous review quite well.  

In this write-up, we have shared a detailed overview of Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab, which has recently gained immense popularity.

What Is A Forensic Lab?   

Forensic science is a bunch of Forensic medicine which usually concerns the correlation of science between criminal and civil laws. It’s a highly technical and sensitive area where experts examine physical evidence incurred during a criminal investigation.   

The most apparent or noted example of Forensic science is – DNA profiling, which is used to solve crime scenes to identify possible convicts.   

The Forensic science branch also includes – biologically acquired DNA analysis, ballistics, blood spatter analysis, toxicology analysis, question document analysis, and trace evidence analysis.   

With the increasing number of criminal activities, the scope of studying forensics has also increased exponentially.  

Sorenson Forensics Laboratory: Overview   

This testing laboratory is amongst the most trusted and well-recommended science labs across the United States.   

This laboratory has been validated to perform a variety of chemistries through cutting-edge forensic DNA testing technology platforms. They have developed built-in redundancies, followed quality assurance measures, and optimized processes, making us a world-class laboratory.    

Sorenson Forensics provides a digital forensic service for mass data & analysis. Through this lab, you can have benefits like – forensic imaging, forensic data collection, research work, and reporting services to private law firms, public agencies, or throughout the USA.  

Sorenson Forensics provides high-quality studies, which can be presented as forensic evidence for legal or law enforcement agencies. This lab has been accredited by The American Society of Crime Laboratory – a national accreditation board. They have categorized the lab as “reliable” for excellent proficiency in DNA analysis.   

What Makes Sorenson Forensics Laboratory Reliable?   

Sorenson Forensics offers its consumers a range of services with early results and high-level accuracy. For example:

DNA Analysis   

Sorenson Forensics uses new-age technology for Forensic DNA testing to determine a genetic match between people or items to check whether they have a connection.   


Sorenson Forensics is equipped with machines and experts to offer forensic firearms analysis, which involves identifying the bullet type and matching the fired bullets to a particular gun. This analysis also involves – determining the bullet’s trajectory, which is crucial to locating the murderer.  

Trace Evidence   

This test helps trace the evidence to determine any unique material available on someone’s body.   

Another Benefit

  • Strict protocols have been incorporated to serve justice with reports.  
  • As forensic test plays a significant role in investigating sexual assaults or other vigorous crimes, experts at Sorenson Forensics conduct a thorough investigation.   
  • Sorenson Forensics is known for its result accuracy and speedy solvency, which is quite helpful during a criminal case.   
  • Most of the relevant evidence reported by Sorenson Forensics has been considered reliable in front of the court & jury.   
  • Sorenson Forensics specializes in DNA testing involving – semen identification, saliva, and blood.   
  • Sorenson Forensics conducts a specialized criminal paternity test involving DNA analysis to identify the individual’s biological parents.   

Tasks Performed By Sorenson Forensics  

Sorenson Forensics has a team of professionals and experts who perform various activities. We have listed down some prominent tasks performed by their team.

  • Object examining: clothing, bodies, glass, drugs, documents, firearms.  
  • Bullet matching: Identifying bullet fragments with firearms using microscopy machinery.   
  • Fiber comparison: Compare similarities between size, color, and shape under microscopy machinery.  
  • Comparison in lettering styles: Compares printing machine ribbons with a typewriter to compare similarities in lettering styles.   
  • Testifying evidence: Testifying evidence in court and allowing judges and juries to make an informed decision.   

Sorenson Forensic Consulting’s   

Sorenson Forensic is not limited to the testing part; they also provide consulting services to help identify criminals for conviction.   

Trial & Investigation  

This laboratory investigates various cases, such as – assaults, accidents, robberies, property damage, etc. With their DNA testing, the team solves almost 1/3rd the issue and determines the initial suspects. This whole process benefits the taxpayers and saves them time.   

Cold Case Consultation   

Sorenson Forensic uses the advanced technology of DNA analysis. Because this technology was not in use earlier, courts are now allowed to reopen cases again and solve them with a new approach. If the recent DNA analysis helps turn a wrongful conviction of an individual, other cases may also reopen for more in-depth research.  

Human Identification   

Various factors can affect the authenticity of the evidence. Before DNA analysis, fingerprints were considered as most relevant information for identification. But this information cannot be trusted; our fingerprints may change or fade with age.   

DNA testing is considered trustworthy because DNA is a scientific forensic method. The information of evidence will remain the same lifelong and provide high relevancy.   

Stepwise Guide For DNA Testing Quote   

  1. Select the “Submit a case” option to submit a DNA test quote on the official webpage of Sorenson Forensics.   
  2. Scroll the page for the section where users can obtain a quote for DNA testing for crime scene investigations.  
  3. Fill in data like username and case type between – Private matter, Law enforcement/prosecution, public defender/defense, civil litigation, or post-conviction/innocence project.   
  4. In the next step, fill in the details required for communication – Zip code, email, contact number, and address.   
  5. Then, input the details of charges & allegations to investigate the individual.   
  6. Afterward, select the number of evidence or samples and references that must be tested within the expected turnaround time from when the trial needs to be conducted.   
  7. Finally, provide brief information on the case scenario and upload all the related documents.   
  8. Once you complete all the formalities, submit the quote request.   


The Sorenson Forensics lab is among the USA’s laboratories that offer all the necessary components to run any DNA-STR profile.  It’s a hands-on experience, including buccal swab collection and DNA analysis for extracted interrogations. Sorenson Forensics is considered reliable as it use new-age technology, which can be trusted.    

If you are searching for a reliable firm, visit Sorenson Forensics Laboratories for adequate evidence in less time.   

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