Olecci Review (2023) Is Olecci.com Legit Or A Scam Jewelry Store?

A brand-new website called Olecci (Olecci.com) claims that “it offers an alluring collection of jewelry for both men and women”. Although the prices are high compared to other dealers, they offer relatively high-quality products. Their primary concern is to popularise the Emerald collection.

After we reviewed the website, unfortunately, it appeared to be a scam. To check the reality of Olecci.com, we did our in-depth research & accumulated some specifications of the website to conclude whether this website is legit.

What Is Olecci.com?  

Olecci is an e-commerce shopping website that offers a wide range of watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc., for both men and women.

They offer a vast collection of emerald items. To answer the question, is the olecci.com website legit or a scam? You can go through the website specification provided below.

Website Specification 

  • Official address: https://olecci.com/
  • Address: Not mentioned on the webpage.  
  • Domain incorporation date: 23 Aug 2021  
  • Products: Accessories, fashion jewelry.   
  • Email address: support@olecci.com  
  • Phone number: Unavailable   
  • Payment mode: It allows all kinds of UPI, credit cards, and debit cards.  
  • Return: Accepted, but the items need to be clarified.   
  • Social media page: Unavailable  
  • Delivery charge: Information on this needs to be provided on the web page.   
  • Shipping detail: Domestic orders are expected to be in 5-12 business days and 9-15 working days for international orders.   

Pros Of Shopping From Olecci.com  

Let’s look at the website specifications, pros and cons of shopping from olecci.com.

  • An exciting sale is going live on the portal.   
  • They provide a wide range of emerald jewelry. 
  • All the goods come with detailed descriptions and photos.   
  • There is a shareable link on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for available goods.   

Cons Of Shopping From Olecci.com  

  • Client feedback is lacking on the website   
  • There is no social media link   
  • No proper return policy is mentioned   
  • No fair refund policy is mentioned either.  

Olecci.com: Consumer Reviews 

Visually Olecci’s website appears to be an untrustworthy website that contains duplicated information. Even the online evaluations or consumer reviews state that this company was forced to pay $79 for shipping. While they encountered the identical problem message “Info unavailable, we can’t recognize your number yet.” while trying to track their parcels on the Olecci website.

Also, there is a lousy vibe surrounding this company, and people are afraid to interact with them in any way. That’s when we decided to review this website to gain in-depth knowledge. 

Here are some factors we came across: 

  • Domain Age: This website launched on 23rd August 2021, which is relatively new and early to trust. 
  • Trust Score: This website holds an index of 2%, which is relatively low. 
  • Consumer Reviews: With in-depth research, we came across no consumer reviews. 
  • Social Media Availability: There is no social media platform linked to websites.  
  • Email Address: Due to the absence of an email address, consumers cannot contact companies via email. 
  • Office Address: The website also needs to provide us with the office address of Olecci. 
  • Owner’s personal information: Like all other information, you can not find the owner’s information anywhere.  
  • Alexa rating: As per Alexa, this company stands at 4427312 positions. 

As per the above-stated information and reviews, this website projects as a scam. We urge our readers to avoid investing in this website. 

Have You Ever Been Scammed? Do This! 

If you purchase through this website, you will expose yourself to a high risk of getting scammed, allowing hackers to access your credit card and pay overly charged fees. 

Even if you receive your order, chances are you will get a different or cheaper item and maybe receive nothing in return. 

  • If you feel you have been scammed, we advise you to file your complaint in the nearest branch of your bank, block the card, and file for a new credit or debit card immediately. 
  • If you have used an online payment gateway like – PayPal, ensure you have a document or screenshot of transactions for future requirements.

Before making a purchase, remember to look for – the website age, return address, consumer reviews, and social media handles. 

Final Verdict

Olecci.com is not an authentic online store. It needs a better trust score and is not recommended by us. We have a few details about its legitimacy: very few shopper reviews found, wrong trust index, poor trust rank, high range items, and also offers an unrealistic discount and absolutely no social media existence.

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