Project Ghoul Trello (2023) Get All The Codes Here!

If you are an anime fan, you have to try Roblox! Are you a gamer? Does Roblox interest you?  

Roblox is an open gaming platform where you can scroll through various games for free. From simple working games to complicated ones, Roblox offers you all premium games on its platform.  

In this write-up, we will discuss a series of Anime famous in Brazil, Thailand, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom named “Project Ghoul.”  

This article gives you a fair idea of popular Japanese mediums such as Roblox Blox Fruits, including Tokyo Ghoul and Roblox. These games have been developed with the Tokyo city concept.  

What Is Project Ghoul Roblox?   

In a recent update, Roblox has launched a version of project ghoul, which will have some techniques, skills, and spin to earn rank for your characters. Once you receive these gifts, you can upgrade your character and become the best project ghoul player.  

Project Ghoul is amongst the Roblox games developed by a renowned developer, GX project Ghoul. 

The Anime series Tokyo Ghoul has been the inspiration behind this whole game. But before moving further, it’s crucial to make an important decision; players can decide to play as CCG or Ghoul.  

The only difference between Ghoul and CCG is:

  • Ghoul needs to be fed as a human during the game.  
  • And CCG, an organization that works to solve Ghoul crimes.  

Now, if the player chooses to be Ghoul, he must select Kagune.   

What Are The Kagunes For The Trello Project?   

In Project Ghoul, you will see various Kagune, but only some kagune are the same! In project Ghoul, you will see a list of kagunes, and you can choose according to your game.   


These kagunes are best for that extra edge you seek in a game.  

  • T-Owl   
  • ChimeraRinkaku   
  • RinkakuJason  


If you are looking for a Kagune to master skills and create havoc, these Kagunes are for you.   

  • Bikaku   
  • Koukaku  


These Kagunes are considered average but still perform well if played by an experienced player.

  • Rinkaku4t  
  • Ukaku  
  • BikakuB (One-Eyed)   


If you are looking for Kagunes to trade, C-Tier kagunes are designed for it.   

  • BikakuB  
  • Rinkaku2t  

Tips To Reroll For Kagune In Project Ghoul   

If you play as Ghoul, you will get 3 chances to reroll for kagune.    

Once you switch to a kagune, you will only have 2 chances left. In Project Ghoul, you cannot reroll your spins or tricks beyond that. But yes, a player can always start a new game and choose a new kagune with which players can easily reroll.  

Project Ghoul Rewards   

You must redeem codes to improve your character, enjoy any title, or earn some skills. These rewards will give you Yen, Spins, Boosts, and other tips for absolutely free. Remember to enjoy the game entirely, and you redeem these rewards from Roblox Project Ghoul codes.   

As developers of the specific code decide when to discontinue the code, they have no such expiration date.  

Project Ghoul Trello Games   

Roblox offers you games like – Ro-Ghoul, Project Ghoul, Roblox Ghouls Bloody Nights, Anime Dimensions, and Max Ghoul. Apart from all these exciting games, you can search for more Roblox games on Pro Game Guides and enjoy the anime experience.   

Ghoul Codes   

In Roblox Ghoul, you will see a whole list of codes! With simple steps, you can earn these codes and enter them into the code section given on the screen.   

Tip: As the codes expire soon, be quick with your process and get your codes.  

List Of Project Ghoul Trello Codes   

  • For 15 rounds, the code is – Yen-Sub-to-jay   
  • For 15 rounds of spinning, the code is – Sub-Tokilik  
  • For 20 rounds of spinning, the code is – X-Box-Support   
  • For 30 rounds of spinning, the code is – We are sorry   

Steps To Redeem Codes   

To redeem present codes, first, you must develop a good character in the game. Before you redeem codes, ensure you have built space for yourself in the game and a good character. Now follow these steps: –   

  • First, click on the menu option given below the screen   
  • Then opt for information
  • Now enter the Project Ghoul Codes (in the text section)  
  • In the last step, click and submit to complete the procedure.    


The outcome of our in-depth research is a positive analysis! We have collected this explicit information, concluding that “Project Ghoul is a fantastic quality game appropriate to lighten up the mood. Also, if you are fond of Roblox’s game series, this game will interest you a lot.  

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