Who Owns GamerSupps? Eveything You Need To Know!

Since GamerSupps is trending, people are curious to know who owns the brand and what all product range it offers.   

If you are keen on esports, you might have noticed players drinking some liquid in-between matches. If you wonder what it is, it’s a healthy energy drink designed to increase alertness, energy, and attention for effective performance.  

Amongst the leading brands, Gamer Supps is a well-known brand with a broad market cap in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and several other countries. Gamer Supps is now famous for its supplement-style drink. These supplements aim to restore energy reasonably, which is necessary for gamers, athletes, or anyone who wants to boost energy instantly.   

This write-up will take you through “who owns gamer supps” and “the latest controversies attached to this brand or its owner.”

Who Owns GamerSupps? 

Gamersupps is an online website owned by a popular YouTuber and well-known Twitch streamer “Johnathan Schlatt.” A 22-year-old Esport player whose total net worth is estimated to be USD 200 thousand. He started his career as a YouTube streamer in 2013 and achieved 462k subscribers to date. Currently, his YouTube account’s value is around USD 104 thousand, which is quite impressive.  

In May 2022, Johnathan Schlatt announced on Twitter and launched a website “offering different products including personalized merchandise, cups, and energy drinks.     

How Are GamerSupps Different From Others?   

All dietary Products offered by Gamersupps are keto-friendly and contain zero calories, zero sugar, and zero nootropics. While they are induced with vitamins, minerals, and organic caffeine. As the product is considered organic, Gamersupps does not require approval from a concerned authority.   

Are GamerSupps Energy Drinks Safe To Use?   

We did our in-depth research to know whether Gamersupps energy drinks are safe to consume. As Gamersupps drinks are sugar-free and do not include Gluten, and are manufactured as per USFDA (U.S. Food and Drinks Association) standards, we consider them safe. Each ingredient used in these energy drinks is proportioned correctly, which help benefits your mind and body and keeps you stable during your game.  

Still, we recommend you consult a doctor or physician if you require more clarity on whether you should consume.  

Johnathan Schlatt & Controversies   

These energy drinks created a buzz online when Johnathan Schlatt posted a Tweet.  

Which states, “Gamersupps is sponsored and owned by a new company owner” he also added, “he is the only owner of Gamersupps. And users who will support this thread can enjoy 10% off on their next order with this code ‘Gamersupps.’  

The moment the post went viral, people started searching for “who owns Gamersupps,” which instantly improved the brand’s online reputation and started trending. However, while conducting our research, we failed to find any confirmation or official statement which could support this claim.  

As Jschlatt is an influential YouTuber, he has millions of followers. They are now searching for proof of whether the rumor of “Johnathan Schlatt being the new owner of Gamersupps” is accurate or a joke circulating online.   

Wired Lawsuit Against Gamer Supps  

Since the launch date, this brand has been facing a lot of controversies.  

Last year, one of the ambassadors of GamerSupps, IceRocker, posted a thread where she detailed the unfair treatment done to her by the executives of the company. That’s not all, and she accused the company stating, “her marketing ideas have been used without her consent or compensating her in any way.”  

According to her, the company has an old habit of not compensating the collaborators or paying their share. At present, IceRocker has broken all ties with GamerSupps and suggests people avoid supporting this company.   

In a press conference, she mentioned, “I decided to undertake some background work, where I had spoken to every GS partner I knew. And I was surprised to know how folks were not getting paid for their contribution”.   

How Controversy Impacted Jschlatt?

The brand’s ambassador, “IceRocker,” terminated her contract and caused reputational damage to GamerSupps. After reading her story, many people followed her lead and shared their horror tales on social media.   

Due to non-adherence to the agreement, the possibility of a lawsuit was relatively high, which was feared by most but didn’t materialize.  

Supplements Drinks & Their Market Size   

With exposure to high-end PCs, people are now attracted to gaming culture and products based on these games.   

As you are keen on GamerSupps, Gfuel is another well-known Esports energy drink doing good business in the market.  

The global market size has been segmented based on the following: –   

  • Type (organics or conventional),   
  • Packaging (bottle, can, others),   
  • Distribution channel (on-trade or off-trade) and  
  • Product.   

And further categorized into drinks, shots, and mixers.  

If you talk about the size value of Energy Drinks is estimated to be USD 68.2 billion in the year 2022.  


With all our research, we have mentioned all the necessary information you will require to understand who owns GamerSupps and the ongoing controversies on this renowned brand.   

We have gathered these updates from a verified source, but not to put allegations, to clarify a viewpoint. Since we failed to search for confirmation on these claims, we recommend users act on the Twitter thread carefully.   

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