Seager And Hayes – An Exceptional Art Exhibition 2023

If you are fond of art culture, we will take you through an art exhibition beyond your imagination!  

Art is something that evolves every now & then; one cannot say they have grasped the art entirely. But yes, as an artist, you need to get a certain technical skill, which involves imagination, patience, and a hard-working spirit!   

Today, we will study a famous personality of the United States – “Andrew Hayes,” who dedicated his entire career to “The Line Collection”, “Seager and Hayes” and other exhibitions and made history in the industry of art & culture.

Seager Grey Art Gallery In Collaboration With A. Hayes  

Have you heard of Seager Gallery? It’s an art gallery inspired by modern art.  

This art gallery is situated at 108 Throckmorton Ave, Mill-Valley, CA-94941, US.    

Here at this art gallery, you will find some premium artistic expressions that are informative & welcoming. Annually, various events like – The Art of the Book Exhibition” and “Material Matters in March” are organized, which explicitly feature “Andrew Hayes” and his art exhibitions.  

Density Art Exhibition  

Recently, he launched another art exhibition named “Density,” which was again featured in Seager Grey Art Gallery. Along with that, we came across the “novel art collection- Seager & Hayes,” a combination of paper & steel, another unique concept only he can pull off! 

Lines Art Exhibition 

In his latest series, “Lines,” he created six masterpieces. Each artifact emanates a tiny rectangular prism. He used layered paper and tied the knots from here & there for an authentic visual. So, if you see all these six artifacts in a row, the visual creation is similar to the alphabet and looks beyond imagination.   

Previously, A. Hayes has used cut-outs of a book. But this time, his collection collaborates with French Print Marketing. Now you will witness much longer pages that you might not have seen in any book! 

Supporting Information On Seager And Hayes   

One of his art sculptures in the Seager and Hayes collection depicts Arroyo as “a dry creek or wash.”

The imagination behind this artifact is to represent a dry river’ which is occasionally filled with rainwater! This piece of art has “steel” as its main component and the focal point of sculpture.   

If you look closely, the brown colour edge book has inspired sculpting this “wide earth surface.”   

Besides That, You Can Explore

  • Omphalos, created with a steel structure and framed with brown paper, offers a jaw-dropping experience you will struggle to find anywhere else! 
  • Line 5, a long paper bundle tied to the steel frame   
  • Proximity made with steel, color, and paper   

In a nutshell – Seager and Hayes’s exhibition is all based upon “Interior Reflections,” having a rectangular steel frame & bundles of book pages, which is unique for an artist to ace.   


Years after years, numerous art exhibition has been organized in the United States. But the charm Mr. Andrew Hayes has brought in his art & sculpture exhibition is revolutionary. His art gallery is no less than “a novel vocabulary of art culture.”   

Andrew Hayes has brilliantly created each piece with a unique visual effect, attracting art lovers. Still, if you wonder, “Who can create outstanding art with a few metals pieces & plane book pages” the answer is Mr. Andrew Hayes!   

All these artifacts are available to be purchased! If you are an art lover and always seek a unique piece, get your hands on Seager and Haye’s website and enhance your space! 

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